About Us

Who We Are

We are a family owned business that is located in Auburn, NY and started selling products online in September of 2019.  Woodworking started off as a hobby for me in the basement of our home but when the opportunity presented itself to focus on woodworking full time and while also learning there is an interest in the items I was making, we decided to sell online and see where this dream would take us.    

Overall, we are proud of the pieces that we make and stand behind the work that we put in to each and every item.  We hope that that you see the inspiration in what you purchase and enjoy the items that were made by our family.

What Does KCC Stand For?

KCC Stands for each of our children;  Kyle, Cooper and Chloe. While Chloe passed away during the pregnancy, she is a huge part of our life and will always be involved in our family.  Kyle and Cooper continue to be an active role in the products we make and help add texture and details to the products during the woodworking process.  One day, this business will be passed down to them and continue to the family business.

Who We Support

When we lost Chloe, we found comfort and support in the Molly Bears non-profit organization who provide weighted teddy bears to those families who are coping with infant loss.  We  ask that you help support the amazing work that this organization does and go check out their website at the link below and donate to their cause.  

Visit them on the Web:   https://www.mollybears.org/

Follow them on Facebook:   www.facebook.com/MollyBearsOrg